What’s Really Important

There are many things in our lives that can serve to distract us. Sometimes it is simply the busyness of life as the routines of the day serve to crowd out what is truly important in our lives. At other times people reject us, or abuse us, or disappoint us resulting in our attention being drawn away from what is truly important to us.  It is even possible that in the celebrations of life that we become distracted failing to remember that our joy and peace are found only in Jesus Christ.

Regardless of the cause of our distraction, the corrective measure is the same. We must be willing to apply Hebrews 3:1 to our lives and fix our thoughts on Jesus Christ who is our Apostle and High Priest.  The simple song Turn your Eyes upon Jesus, is a great reminder of this principle.  Recently, as I was driving, I was cut off to the point of having to brake sharply to avoid contact, while I could have responded in anger, forgetting entirely that Jesus is my apostle and High Priest, I chose instead to sing the words to myself, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face.” While I admit that it did nothing to change the circumstance. It did succeed in adjusting my attitude, reminding me of what is really important.

This same spiritual therapy is effective when we are rejected, or frightened, discouraged or depressed.  If we can remember to fix our thoughts on Him, our Apostle and High Priest. If we can remember all of the benefits of a relationship with Him. If we can cast all of these cares on Him, remembering that He cares for us; then we can learn to focus on what is truly important to us.

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