Thank You!

I can remember well how with tightened jaw and clinched fists the little boy reluctantly conceded thanks for the gift his grandmother had given him. Thank you! Was all he could manage. You see, his dear grandmother had not chosen the expected gift, but a Bible instead. She had, with love and great forethought, realized that a toy car would be appreciated momentarily, but a Bible would give the child many years of guidance, truth, and pleasure.


Our relationship with our heavenly Father is the same way. Our desires, at times, are fixed on things that would give us temporary pleasure but would result in emptiness. Thankfully, God cares for us, loves us, and in the fulness of time gives us what is best for us. I encourage you to be not like the ungrateful little boy that was too small to understand the precious blessing that had been given. Instead give true, heartfelt thanks to your heavenly Father, for His blessings to us are truly wonderful.

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