Ambassadors for Christ

With mixed emotions, I assisted my son as he prepared to leave on a long, anticipated baseball tournament. Extra socks in case the grass is damp? Check. Enough clothes to last the duration of the trip? Check. Do you have all of the components to your uniform? Check. Baseball cap? Check. Money to buy food? Check. Snacks for the bus ride? Check. As he prepared to get out of the car, I reminded him to behave well for even though he may be in another state, his actions will follow him home. He stopped me short and quoted the mantra we have tried to teach our children since they were toddlers, “Always remember where you are from and who you are.”

In similar ways, Paul reminds the Corinthians that they are Christ’s ambassadors. As His representatives, we must always keep in mind where we are from and who we are. This world and the things of this world are not our home. We are citizens of heaven. We should also remember that in Christ we are children of God, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and are members of the body of Christ. Always being aware that our actions reflect on the one who died for us. Make it your aim today not to bring shame to the name of Jesus Christ.